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Joci & Rob’s {Re} Wedding

Saturday April 29th, 2017 – Eagle River, Wisconsin

(shhh…it’s a surprise!)


Fire pits?
Gorgeous lakefront settings?
Multimillion dollar cabins?
Tremendous surprises?
Great people?
Happy tears by the gallon?
Beer by the pint?
Virtually-free vacations?
Happy endings?
(Not that kind)
(Okay fine, that kind too)

— Scroll for Details —

[vcex_heading text=”The Love Story” tag=”h1″ text_align=”center”]

Boy and Girl work at Microsoft.
Boy and Girl get thrown together by corporate re-org.

Boy and Girl… resent each other immediately.
(Boy and Girl don’t even agree who resented whom first)

But they persevere,
because Bing users need Answers.
(And Boy and Girl need jobs)

Time passes.
Tensions rise.

Girl simply wants to be understood.

Boy is stubborn.
Boy likes drawing lines in sand.

Time passes.
Tensions rise.

Boy and Girl try to ease tension.
Boy and Girl talk about things other than work.

Commence Giggling. Smiling. Connection.

Tension drops temporarily.
Boy and Girl like that.

Girl still wants to be understood.

Boy still just can’t resist drawing those fucking lines.
(They’re just so straight and pretty)

Boy makes office
look like zen garden.

Time passes.
Tensions rise.


Boy and Girl, desperate, again try non-work topics.

Commence more Giggling. Smiling. Connection.

And this time…
Warmth. Admiration.

Girl asks Boy to coffee at Nerd Starbucks
in basement of nerd building.

Boy is excited.
Boy does not know why.
(Boy is slow)

No tension at Nerdbucks.

Boy and Girl pretend this is a legitimate business meeting.
But commence teenage-level awkwardness.

Girl feels like she is on a date.

Boy can’t understand,
at all, what he feels.

(Boy is slow)

Time passes.
Boy and Girl still
hate working together.

Girl drops by Boy’s office.
Girl asks Boy if he believes in telepathy.

Boy is hit by thunderbolt.
Boy can barely breathe.

Girl leaves Boy’s office, wondering
if Boy also feels this crush.

Yes, Boy feels it now.

Boy is wrecked. Boy is smitten.
Boy feels 13 years old.

Boy realizes, for first time, how hot Girl is.
(Boy is slow)

Commence intense, whirlwind romance.

Boy and Girl are like force of nature.
A thing of glorious beauty and power.
(Narrator is not exaggerating)

Boy and Girl risk
everything for each other.

Boy and Girl commit to each other.

Boy and Girl clasp hands and walk the plank together.

Boy hits water.

Boy feels paralyzing fear.

Boy doesn’t understand.
Boy scrambles back to the ship.

Boy abandons Girl.

Girl is heartbroken.

(Boy is heartbroken too)

Boy gets therapy.

Boy learns important things.

Boy gazes to sea.

Boy gets more therapy.

Boy wants Girl back.

Girl still wants Boy back.
(Girl is Brave)

Boy and Girl
make life together.

Boy and Girl make it work.
Boy and Girl are blissfully happy.
It seems to last forever.

It is authentic. It is durable.
True love.
(The Princess Bride kind)

It is a golden era.
The “Pax Roci.”
(That’s latin for “golden age of Rob and Jocelyn”)

Boy thinks songs should be sung of it.
(Boy has no musical talent)

Time passes.
Boy and Girl
get ambushed.

Boy and Girl get traumatized.
Boy and Girl must quit jobs.

Boy and Girl must
move to Mordor.

(Sorry Cleveland, Boy and Girl
did learn to love you greatly)

Pax Roci ends.
Boy and Girl too stressed out to notice.

Boy and Girl brave
stormy seas.

Boy and Girl cross
wide deserts.

Boy and Girl
battle dragons.

Boy and Girl
battle demons.

Boy and Girl survive.
But Boy and Girl have forgotten.

Boy and Girl start business together.
Boy and Girl work together again.

Tensions rise.

Girl wants to be understood.

Boy rediscovers
his love of lines.

Boy and Girl
work from home.

Boy and Girl lack
“non work” hideout.

Boy and Girl are trapped.

Girl still loves Boy.
Boy still loves Girl.

But Boy and Girl can’t connect.

Boy knows the
Pax Roci was real.

Boy knows they can get it back.
But Boy doesn’t know how.

Boy hangs on and hopes.
For years.

Girl lives life in state of panic.
Girl can’t help it. Girl is drowning.

Girl is flailing.

Boy is scared of her.
Boy doesn’t help. Boy can’t help.
Boy treads water.
Boy says “don’t grab me.”

Did we mention Boy
likes drawing lines?

Boy says “maybe my lines are just too SMALL!”
(Boy has good heart, but Boy not very smart)

Boy draws the
Mother of All Lines.

Boy tells Girl, for millionth time, that
Girl is broken. That the Girl is at fault.
She must fix herself.

Or else.
(Boy has good heart, but Boy cannot find it)

Girl knows better.
Girl knows Boy is broken, too.
Boy just knows

But Girl is amazing.
Girl is braver than Boy.
Girl summons immense courage.
Girl swims shark-infested waters.
Girl climbs tallest mountains.
Girl battles terrifying demons.
For herself.

But mostly for Boy.

Boy is inspired.
Boy is hopeful.
Boy misses Girl.

Boy sees his own role
in their troubles.

Boy follows Girl.

Boy swims shark-infested waters.
Boy climbs tallest mountains.
Boy battles terrifying demons.
For himself.

But mostly for Girl.

Yes, Girl wants to be understood.
Yes, Boy likes drawing lines.

And now…

Boy DOES understand Girl.
Boy sees Girl’s cries for help.
Boy’s heart melts.

And Girl sees Boy’s lines clearly for first time.
The Boy’s defense mechanism.
Girl’s heart melts.

But even better…

Boy also craves understanding.
And Girl has lines too.
Boy and Girl were right all along.
Boy and Girl connect.

Commence Giggling. Laughing.
Smiling. Admiration. Attraction.
Warmth. Mirth.


(The Princess Bride Kind)

Boy and Girl are
luckiest people on
the planet.

Boy and Girl are survivors.
Boy and Girl are wiser now.

Girl tells Boy,
“I missed you all those years.”

Boy says “ditto.”

Boy is willing, for first time, to put himself out there.
Boy wants to tell the world how strongly he feels.

How this is forever.
How he trusts it.

Boy plans epic

Loved ones plot with him,
help him, keep it secret.

Girl finally gets knight in shining armor.
Girl deserves it.

Boy will never forget.

The Details

[vcex_heading text=”WHEN & WHERE” tag=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-heart”]

Ceremony is Saturday April 29 in Eagle River WI (hereafter referred to as ER), in the evening (exact time TBD).

Two adjacent cabins at 1959 Rangeline Road and 1957 Rangeline Road, Eagle River, WI 54521

Cabins are rented for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights (April 28-30).  Feel free to join for 1, 2, or all 3 nights!

[vcex_heading text=”THE FINANCES” tag=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-diamond”]

Guests are responsible only for their transport costs.

Lodging, food, and drink will all be provided.

(Certain activities, like ATV’s or fishing trips, may be pay-as-you-go, but there will be plenty to do around the cabins as well).

No gifts please.  We just want YOU.

[vcex_heading text=”HOW TO GET THERE” tag=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-plane”]

TBD.  As the guest list coalesces we will start running conversations in the Facebook group where we’ll figure this out.  By the week of 3/27 we should have a defined list of options for you.

If you’re not in the Facebook group, let Rob or Jeremy know and we’ll correct that ASAP.

[vcex_heading text=”WEATHER” tag=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-sun-o”]

TBD obviously, but historical averages for this weekend range from 53-62 degrees as the daily high, and 27-34 degrees as the daily low.

The weather up there is “on pace” to be quite a bit warmer this year (ex: the lakes are thawing much faster than normal), so I’m optimistic we will do better than the above, or at least land on the higher side of those ranges.

[vcex_heading text=”ATTIRE” tag=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-black-tie”]

TBD, but expect it to be a casual flavor of formal.  There will be ties and dresses, but it won’t be black tie. (Stay tuned – either here or on the Facebook group – for details as they gel.)

Bring warm outdoor clothes for the “down times” in case you want to go do something fun in The Great Outdoors.

If it’s too cold to do the ceremony outside, we will take it inside – the cabins are more than spacious enough, or we’ll have a heated tent – so no need to worry about freezing in your perfect dress.

[vcex_heading text=”STUFF TO DO” tag=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-camera-retro”]

TBD, but there’s a lot on the potential menu, from fishing to bouncy houses to ATV’s to horseback riding to canoeing to sitting at the firepit.

Watch this space, AND the Facebook group, for details.

The Location

These two cabins are amazeballs. Side by side, share a backyard.  14 total bedrooms, sleep a max of 45 people combined.  Pretty damn posh. Backyards have fire pits, play structures for kids, lots of room for yard games.  Maybe even a bouncy house heh heh.

Will you be joining us?

Contact Rob or Jeremy more more info and to RSVP!

Copyright 2017 – Jocelyn & Rob’s {Re}Wedding

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